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The first book of this page-turning series takes off in the era wherein World War III will be waged deep in space. NextScienceman2100 must use his knowledge and powers to uncover discoveries hidden beneath the Earth’s seven deadly seas. Will he succeed? Buckle up and join him as he gathers the heroes of the Interstellular Galactic Team on an adventure, featuring real-world science and awesome future technologies to save the planet from impending doom.


The next installment of NextScienceMan2100 series follows our hero and his partner as they try to annihilate an epidemic spreading in North America. The heroes must work together to develop technologies that Alpha Zeta foretold—if they wish to defeat a mysterious villain and her cougar-masked female stalkers from obliterating all the remaining biological forests on Earth. Can the superheroes save the 22nd century through science, or will evil reign supreme?


About the Author

Harminder Gill earned his bachelor’s degree in biological chemistry at the University of California, Riverside, and his master’s degree in organic chemistry at the University of California, Davis. After finishing his studies, he went on to teach as adjunct chemistry professor at several community colleges in Southern California and taught homeschooled students in over 200 sections of academic subjects in humanities, math, sciences, and test preparation in person and even on Skype and Video Gmail worldwide. Several of his successful students have achieved and continue to achieve high test scores and high grades and even get into schools of their first choice.

Aside from teaching, Harminder Gill has also served in the board of directors and completed the Distinguished Toastmaster for the Toastmasters Program for Public Speaking and Leadership. He has also published his first book, NextScienceMan2100: The Crystals of Tranquility, which was endorsed to Hollywood’s databases and many nonfiction electronic books as well as his chemistry books. He does his best to keep current in the math, sciences, and technology.


Available at litfire amazon barnes
Available at litfire amazon barnes

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