Science Fiction Inventions: What Authors Imagined, Inventors Brought to Life

Harminder Gill July 29, 2019

Various Science Fiction Ideas Spark Inventions


Inventions didn’t just pop out of nowhere. In reality, a lot of stories have inspired inventors to come up with new ideas and concepts that eventually helped science and technology progress. Science fiction influenced innovators to create a large watercraft to sail the earth’s vast oceans. Devices . . .

Perks of Reading Science Fiction

Harminder Gill July 22, 2019

Reasons why you should read science fiction

Reading science fiction is like entering a portal toward endless discoveries that feed the mind

and satisfy the soul. It widens your understanding of the world, improves your ways of living

your life, helps you discover and build yourself, and the list goes on. Do you want to know how

it can do all that?
. . .

What Makes a Superhero Super?

Harminder Gill July 15, 2019

The chemistry of superheroes, explained

A superhero is often associated with powers. Most (if not, all) of them wear costumes that make
them stand out. Occasionally, these suits come with flashy capes.

Thanks to the great minds of Bob Kane (Batman) and Stan Lee (Spider-Man), we get to see them
in all their glory in comic books. These two were some of t . . .

The Making of a Future Role Model . . . or Two

Harminder Gill July 8, 2019

How a duo became role models for future generations to follow


What constitutes a future role model? Does that person need to be a genius? Does he or she need to be famous? Is there even a requirement for this description?

Honestly speaking, one doesn’t need to be a high-level intellectual to fit the bill. Fame isn’t
relevant, either. Ideal . . .

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