Perks of Reading Science Fiction

Harminder Gill July 22, 2019

Reasons why you should read science fiction

Reading Science Fiction

Reading science fiction is like entering a portal toward endless discoveries that feed the mind

and satisfy the soul. It widens your understanding of the world, improves your ways of living

your life, helps you discover and build yourself, and the list goes on. Do you want to know how

it can do all that?


It expands your imagination. Science fact: neuroscientists discovered that engaging yourself in

this genre can improve brain function on various levels. It stimulates your right brain, which

broadens your imagination, very much like “muscle memory” in sports. It gives readers the

freedom to transport to imaginary places which become real in their minds.


It gives out important warnings. Among the most relevant reasons why everyone should read

science fiction is that every sci-fi book sends across a certain message. When you open a book,

you discover something—the condition of the world, problems the world faces, causes of these

dilemmas, and it may also depict an image of the possible future. With the knowledge you gain

from reading, you know more of your purpose and your greater responsibility toward the world.

You have the power to pass on the same message to anyone who has no awareness, and you may

have the time and knowledge to prepare for the future.


It helps you escape reality. Reading is so powerful that it brings you to places you wish to travel

to for free. Aside from that, this pastime compels you to cut off your relationship with stress and

the negative things that burden you. Reading fiction takes you into an entirely different universe

apart from your problems, worries, fears, and on the whole, reality.


You get to live many lives. The backgrounds of your favorite characters from the stories you read

get inside your mind and greatly impacts the way you live your life. Once you get to know them,

you understand how different and unique your perspectives are from theirs. You learn to consider

the many ways of viewing life and you may even practice the values they possess. You become a

completely different person when you read, and you’re just on your way to self-discovery!


You can relax and have a good time! This one is somehow related to escapism; however, one of

the main thoughts behind it is pure entertainment. This is the primary reason why one should

read. When reading and understanding science fiction gives you joy and satisfaction, you don’t

have to search for more reasons to do so. For the nonreaders, give it a try!


Undoubtedly, there is so much more to science fiction and everyone should immerse themselves

in reading it.


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