The Making of a Future Role Model . . . or Two

Harminder Gill July 8, 2019

How a duo became role models for future generations to follow

The Making of a Future Role Model . . . or Two


What constitutes a future role model? Does that person need to be a genius? Does he or she need to be famous? Is there even a requirement for this description?

Honestly speaking, one doesn’t need to be a high-level intellectual to fit the bill. Fame isn’t
relevant, either. Ideally, a future role model is a person who does things that can benefit and
positively influence generations following him or her.

Speaking of future influencers, this tag team can be considered good examples to be admired and followed.


Here are our heroes

Meet NextScienceman2100, a twenty-second century guy with a knack for knowledge. He isn’t
alone in his fight, though. He has a trusty partner in NextSciencelady2100, who is just as skilled
as he is. The twosome reside in a floating digital chateau.


This is their mission

Nextscienceman2100 travels around different areas to uncover hidden resources that lay beneath the Earth’s seven seas and in the forests along with Nextsciencelady2100. Their quest eventually leads them to fight for the planet before the arrival of an impending doom.


Why are they the next role models to follow?

NextScienceman2100 and NextSciencelady2100 use their scientific know-how to solve problems
and bring peace. Think of them as a superhero tag team for science—making the world a better
place through the use of their scientific knowledge. And like most heroes, they don’t do what
they do with their own interests as their priority. Instead, they’re working with everyone in mind.


What can people learn from them?

Saving the world doesn’t necessarily involve death matches. Sometimes, knowledge is the
ultimate weapon. NextScienceman2100 and NextSciencelady2100 prove that using your brain is
just as good as using your fists.


As the real world shifts toward a more digital one, it won’t be surprising if people followed the
pair’s lead (minus the powers and fighting bad guys, of course). Who knows? The cures to
previously incurable diseases may finally be found. Climate change may finally be averted.World peace may finally be achieved.

The tag team of NextScienceman2100 and NextSciencelady2100 are (fictional) future role model
material. Now, go out into the world and do good things.


Who did you look up to growing up? I’d be interested in knowing who they are. Just drop the
names in the comments section below. You can also reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter, and
Goodreads to share them (and other thoughts). To see some good role models in action, feel free
to read my NEXTSCIENCEMAN2100 books.

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